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BQS Textiles offers you the ability to send a high-quality package to your customers. With 54 embroidery heads inhouse at Dordrecht, the Netherlands, we can produce high-quality professional embroideries within a fourth night.

Our sister company in Spain is the ideal partner to produce larger volumes embroideries with a very short delivery time. With 170 embroidery heads we are capable to produce a wide array of techniques, such as 3D embroidery, laser application, badges, large size embroideries and more!

For a glimpse backstage or to expand the knowledge of your customers and/or employees, you are welcome to have a look at our embroidery machines at work and discuss the possibilities.

Get your quotation now by sending us your request via offerte@bqstextiles.com

Important specifications:
Delivery times: 1 week, express delivery within 2-3 workdays.
Products stored inhouse.
No minimum amount in the Netherlands.


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