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    The One Towelling
    We came into contact with Cuba through Christian missionary trips in Cuba. The system in Cuba is communist: very poor and very much in need. Based on that idea, the plan was made to do more with Cuba. Once in the Netherlands, all plans were worked out to transform the Cuban colors into a modern towel line. The result is a towel with a tropical touch. The One Toweling stands for a beautiful terry collection, known for beautiful colors and ultimate softness, with part of the proceeds being used for development and charities in Cuba.

    Our quality
    The softness and quality of The One Toweling is created by the combed cotton that is picked from Latin America. The combed cotton is characteristic of the softness of The One Toweling. The cotton rolls are made from the factory in Cuba and then shipped to Pakistan, where the terry rolls are dyed in the factory and all products receive unique tags and labels. The final product is then sent to the Netherlands. The total product arrives at the main warehouse in Dordrecht, where all stock is distributed to all customers.

    Our board
    Characteristic of The One Toweling is the beautiful board on which the towel can be recognized, as well as the bright colors, softness and the absorption level.

    Due to the honest and thoughtful production process, the entire collection of The One Toweling has an Oeko-Tex certificate. The new organic collection also has a GOTS certificate, which shows that the production process has been mapped out with great precision.